We don’t want clients to compromise on design.

We want to make something great.

We’re about creativity. We’re about realising the beautiful and not settling for the everyday. Things have changed a lot since we began in the 1970s. Shirt collars have got smaller, trousers have got skinnier and our reputation has gone international.

But the journey’s not been without hard work. When I took over the company in 2013, fresh ideas and new ways of working were high on my to-do list. And it’s been a long list. Our focus these days is on building good client relationships and that’s something at the core of everything we do.

Glassfusion isn’t just a business – it’s a crew of talented people with decades of experience who come together every day to create mostly functional, but always beautiful, objects. We’re big investors in people. It takes five years to train a glass blower. It’s a skilled job that requires talent and originality to succeed at.

We’re constantly aspiring to raise the bar in glass design. We’re at our best when engaging on a project and doing the thing we love the most – blowing amazing creations dreamed up by world class designers. We live and breathe every job – and we know glass really well. And for a small business that’s important.

Russell Gritty
Master Glass Blower & Managing Director

“We have collaborated with Glassfusion for 10 years and the work has always been of the highest standard. Our company is focused on handmade design and British made products, therefore it is essential to find manufacturers with highly skilled makers and quality control. Glassfusion are a pleasure to work with and go out of their way to meet our deadlines, no project is too small!”

Rothschild & Bickers