Bespoke Glass Creations

From the protective wind shield for the 2012 Olympic flame to the temperature control tube protecting the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, our team of skilled technicians take your projects and make them real.

Our client list includes international names such as Guinness, Carlsberg and Pfizer. We’ve blown weird and wonderful things such as a glass heart and stomach for TV to an oversized hour glass for British Steel.

We’re renowned for our experience, attention to detail and unique solutions to outlandish challenges.

Take a look at some of our portfolio:

The Olympic Flame – the glass shield protecting the London 2012 Olympic flame.

The British Crown Jewels – a royal commission for the temperature control tube protecting The Jewel House at The Tower of London.

British Steel – a large hourglass advertising the IPO of shares.

Anadin – a huge light bulb for a television advertisement.

Carlsberg – a large bottle for a television advertisement.

Guinness – the prototype glasses for their 250th anniversary.

Tokyo Airport – two 100 litre plasma bulbs.

Penfolds Winery – glass tendrils for an Australian television advertisement

If you have a project, small or large, simple or complex, our technicians are here to talk to you.

Some of our clients