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Bespoke glass creations

We have designed and made many bespoke pieces over the years including the protective wind shield for the 2012 Olympic flame!

There is nothing we like more than a challenge so whether you require bespoke items for advertising, events or lighting for example we’d love to take your designs from sketch to reality.

Previous bespoke items we’ve made include:

  • The protective shield for the 2012 Olympic flame
  • A Royal commission for a temperature control tube protecting the Crown Jewels vault at the Tower of London
  • A large hour glass used to advertise the IPO of British Steel shares
  • A huge light bulb for an Anadin advert
  • A large Carlsberg bottle for their TV advert
  • Two 100 litre plasma bulbs for Tokyo Airport
  • An artificial glass heart and stomach for a TV programme
  • Glass tendrils for the renowned Australian wine company, Penfolds
  • Six prototype Guinness glasses for their 250th anniversary

Some of our clients