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Scientific and Electronic Glassblowing

Scientific Glassware

Glassfusion has supplied a wide range of borosilicate and silicon scientific glassware to a variety of industries. Examples of our scientific work include:

  • Complex laser tubes
  • Filter funnels
  • Buchner funnels
  • Daschle bottles
  • Gas distribution tubes
  • Sintered glassware manufactured in six porosities to suit all filtration requirements
  • Drilling, slitting, grinding, sandblasting, silvering, vacuum pumping and filling vessels with specialised gasses

Alongside molten glassblowing our well-equipped work shop and experienced technicians can cater to a wide range of applications

We are only too happy to discuss your glassblowing project free of charge and obligation. For a fast competitive quote please contact us or email us a drawing.

With our team of highly skilled and experienced glassblowers we are confident in our ability to deliver a top quality product at a fair price and on time and we are happy to guarantee this.

Electronic Glassware

We carry a large stock of intermediate glass and can produce a wide range of glass to metal seals including Korver, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Tungsten utilising the following graded seals:

  • Borosilicate – Soda
  • Borosilicate – Kodial
  • Borosilicate – Quartz

By utilising our hydrogen oven all metals can be out-gassed to ensure the highest quality seal.

All seals can be tested with helium or Mass-Spectrometer leak detectors.